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Alumni Attitude Survey Results

Every four to five years, the Sacramento State Alumni Association conducts a national survey of alumni attitudes toward Sacramento State with the purpose of better understanding what alumni value. Last conducted in 2008-09, the alumni attitude survey was designed to benchmark historical trends in attitudes and behaviors among alumni. This survey helps to quantify the connection our alumni feel toward and about the Alumni Association and Sacramento State.

Key findings from the 2013 survey include:

  • 88% of alumni say that their decision to attend Sacramento State was a good or great decision;
  • 91% said their experience as a student was good or great;
  • 91% all the time, regularly or occasionally promote the University and their Sacramento State experiences in a positive manner;
  • Alumni told us the current perception of the University is important to them as it drives the value of their degree. The top areas that shape this perception of degree value are the current accomplishments of faculty and students;
  • When asked about areas of importance for alumni engagement, we found career and mentoring related opportunities at the top of the list, along with serving on boards and networking;
  • When asked how alumni would like to support the University, top of the list was attending events, followed by volunteering, being an advocate and being a donor;
  • Most alumni noted that their most frequent interaction with the University is through email which was reinforced when respondents noted email and the website are the most important means of communication for the University;

Through this study, we have identified four primary areas where we believe we have immediate opportunity to further engage our alumni with Sacramento State. These are:

  • Engaging students and recent graduates with more targeted programming;
  • Providing information and programming related to careers;
  • Customizing our communications through segmentation; and
  • Communicating with alumni regarding identified areas of interest.

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About the Sacramento State Alumni Association

The Sacramento State Alumni Association is a dues-paying alumni association serving more than 215,000 alumni and 7,000 members. Established in 1950, the Alumni Association's mission is to connect, engage and celebrate alumni, students and friends of Sacramento State while building lifelong relationships that support the future of our University. For more information, visit our website at

About Performance Enhancement Group and the Alumni Attitude Study

The Alumni Attitude Study© (AAS©) is a cooperative effort among institutions to measure and compare the values, preferences, and perceptions that motivate alumni to engage with their alma mater. Since its inception in 2001, the AAS has delivered unparalleled attitudinal and engagement data to institutions to help further alumni engagement efforts. By implementing this type of high-level research, institutions are provided with more precise directives toward the matters that mean most to their alums. In addition, AAS participants have experienced tremendous success in putting into action those items which their alums noted as being of highest value. Furthermore, this gives participating institutions the opportunity to communicate their findings and the proposed efforts to their alumni, thus further enhancing the relationship with the institution’s most valuable stakeholders, the alumni.

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