Sacramento State Alumni Board of Directors endorses Proposition 30

The Sacramento State Alumni Association Board of Directors voted to endorse the Governor’s tax initiative – Proposition 30 – in an effort to stop further budget cuts to Sacramento State and the California State University System. Sacramento State stands to lose an additional $20 million in funding if Proposition 30 does not receive voter approval on the November ballot, which would adversely impact the number of students who could be admitted to the university.

“While voting to increase our taxes is not ideal in this time of economic challenges, we need to support this institution that is near and dear to our hearts and that helped prepare us for the successes we have achieved in life,” said Margot Bach, Alumni Board President. “The opportunity to play it forward is here and we need to support students of today and tomorrow who are seeking the same opportunities that we had.” Bach noted that every $1 invested in the CSU yields a $5.43 return to the state’s economy, sustains nearly 150,000 jobs and provides a majority of graduates working in key economic areas.

Proposition 30 would increase state revenues for K-12 schools and community colleges through a temporary 1/4 cent increase in sales tax, thereby making it less likely that the CSU budget would be cut further. The CSU and its 23 campuses statewide have already incurred cuts of $750 million in 2011-12 alone and had to increase student fees as a result. Without Proposition 30 funding to other state educational entities, the CSU will face another $250 million budget cut.

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