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May 2010

Baldwin Chiu (a.k.a. Only Won)

Photo: Baldwin Chiu (a.k.a. Only Won)Baldwin graduated from Sacramento State in 1998 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and since that time, he has become an international film star, national recording artist, martial arts instructor, and motivational speaker. All that in 12 years! While still a student at Sac State, he got a taste of the music business through the campus radio station and his passion for martial arts developed because of professors in the Kinesiology department. 

Working as an actor in films such as Pursuit of Happyness, The Hulk, and The Matrix, Baldwin also teaches martial arts in Los Angeles. He is the only Licensed Mechanical Engineer at Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, his place of employment. While pursuing all of these endeavors, he has continued to hold firm to his educational roots by mentoring students and recruiting young engineers, including several Sac State graduates through career fairs organized by his career advisor, Cici Mattiuzzi. 

Baldwin was part of a founding team for New Hope Community Church where they established a community center to reach out to the South Sacramento area with the goal of uniting people of all social and economic backgrounds.  He uses his gifts in acting, music, and martial arts to encourage the young people in the community to make wise decisions in life and to pursue an education and to live with integrity. He encourages all people to take advantage of the opportunities in America and to be thankful for all that we have by giving back to those that have less.

Baldwin was recently recognized by the Sacramento State Alumni Association with a Rising Star Distinguished Service Award. During the ceremony he reflected on his experiences and shared with the crowd, You are not defined simply by where you get your education and what your job title becomes. What defines you is what you do with what you've learned and how you affect the lives around you.” You can learn more about Baldwin, a.k.a. Only Won, at


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